Digital Books: The Future of Reading

Digital books are quickly becoming a mainstay for the present-day reader, with 25% of US consumers reporting that they’ve read at least one digital book this past year. While the mainstay for avid readers is still print (87% say they regularly read a print novel), the future and technology is quickly catching up.

Digital books are appealing because they can be read on a computer, tablet or a phone, they are instantly accessible to the reader, and they can even be found in the form of audio bites. Purveyors of this technology have greatly enhanced the access that readers can have, too, enabling for one’s favorite novels and nonfiction works to be readily available for the hungry mind.

As the appeal for digital books continues to grow, expect to see major advancements in this industry. Are you an aspiring writer or an avid reader? Have a look at this awesome infographic created by fictionate.me to help you better understand the appeal of digital books in the modern era.

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Maria Kennedy

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