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The Top 20 Most Popular Chinese Dishes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Chinese people eat a diet high in rice and noodles. In fact, rice is present for most meals, equating to how westerners might eat potatoes. Rice and noodles are always accompanied by a set of incredible flavours.

Chinese food is always fresh. Ingredients are sought out daily through markets, fisheries, and farmers. Meals focus heavily on seafood, duck, and pork as main meats. The Chinese diet also depends on fresh vegetables, preserved eggs, and soy produce such as tofu.

Sweet foods are not as common as they are in the west. Instead, the Chinese favour tasty fruits for sweets, leading to a huge market in perfectly shaped and presented fruits.

Whether you are a fan of traditional Chinese food looking for something tasty to try out, or whether you are new to the cuisine, these top twenty rated plates represent a delightful cross-section of fine, rich flavour with universal appeal.

Most Popular Chinese Dishes

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