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Ganesh Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Mumbai. The entire city comes alive with music, decorations, and lights. Unlike other major festivals, Ganesh Festival is celebrated as a public event in this city. Ganesh festival celebrates the homecoming of Lord Ganesh. However, behind this grandeur, there are awe-inspiring facts and numbers. In this infographic, we have tried to showcase those.

Lokmanya Tilak took the initiative to start this festival in Pune in the year 1893 in the Kesari Newspaper office. Later, it began in Mumbai. Mumbai now has five major Ganesh Pandals and their visitors are mentioned in the infographic. Every major pandal in the city is insured and the amount can go up to Rs. 500 CR. In total. Security in the city is increased multi-fold by appointing around 36K security personal pulling up to 30 hours shift.

Around 70,0000 Ganesh idols are produced in and around Mumbai. The immersion procession takes from 12-24 hours depending on the popularity of the pandal. However, the festival also gives rise to pollution – air, noise, and water.

The total turnover of this festival is around 20,000 Cr. And is increasing 30% every year.

An infographic by Impulse Digital.

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