What Is Your Skin Type? – A Guide

Skin type is determined by the overall state of your skin, which is affected by both genetic and environmental or lifestyle factors. While environmental and lifestyle factors can be modified and guarded against, genetics must be acknowledged and managed accordingly.

Properly understanding your skin type is crucial as different skin types require specific care methods, and what may be beneficial for one skin type may be harmful for another. Therefore, it is important to assess your skin type before trying out new products or techniques.

Skin types can even vary on a daily basis, particularly for women, due to monthly hormonal cycles. For example, a woman with dry skin type may encounter oily skin for one or two weeks every month.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that skin type can change over time due to various factors such as environmental conditions, age, hormones, and personal health or medical conditions. Therefore, it is insufficient to just identify your skin type and assume that it will remain the same. You must regularly examine your skin type to ensure that it remains consistent.

Find out what is your skin type with this infographic by The Skin Culturist.

What Is Your Skin Type

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