What is an eSIM? Your Questions Answered

With the release of Samsung’s S20 series, latest research estimated that over 225 million eSIM-enabled smartphones will be delivered in 2020. If you’ve purchased one of these phones, or own one of Apple’s iPhone 10 or 11 series, lucky you – you have this technology in your pocket already. You may, too, already have this technology on your wrist in the form of a smartphone, or find that your tablet is eSIM-enabled.

But what is an eSIM? How does it work? How does the average person begin using this revolutionary technology? Does it work the same way as a physical SIM card?

No fear. – an online platform for users to buy eSIM in the UK or around the world – are here to help. They’ve put together an informative infographic answering some of your basic questions on eSIM; everything from what it is, to how you can buy voice, data and SMS packages.

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Maria Kennedy

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