Tips for finding your best language school

When you decide to learn more language, you should not only pay attention to the choice of the best program.

You should also think about finding the best course for your needs. And the better language school you choose the wider choice you have. Especially if you are going to study Russian – one of the most complex languages in the world.

First of all the quality of your future knowledge depends on your language school Kiev offers a great variety of different courses. You can choose the best one by taking into account the reviews of the students, age of the school, its prices, number of groups etc.

As far as Kyiv is a multilingual city, there are learning programs of all types:

  • Individual
  • In group
  • Mixed

Also, you need to compare the programs to choose the proper one. Because, for example, business Russian (just as Ukrainian or English) is quite different compared to the casual one.  So you should learn quite different words and phrases, use other materials etc.

How to choose the top language school for learning Russian
When you want to study a foreign language, especially such a difficult one as Russian, your first task is to find specialized courses or educational center which not just gives you extra tuition in your free time. Your language center should provide you with a real immersion into the language environment. So you can feel the language’s structure, understand its logics, use proper intonations and rhythm of phrases.

It can be achieved with the help of the correct methodology, a great variety of programs, and involvement of tutors with an appropriate level of experience. And that are not all important things you should know before you start.

  • If your educational center attracts teachers who are native speakers if the language you are interested in – it’s an important bonus for you. For example, NovaMova school provides its students with such teachers, so the learners can practice speaking all the time, even not during the lesson.
  • Your comfort also matters. So it seems quite logical to find the school in the very heart of the capital, so you’ll be able to get there from the very corner of the city, both by your private car, or urban transport. For example, NovaMova language school is located in the center of Kyiv.
  • Teaching technique is important for your better understanding of all the materials. That’s why NovaMova teachers use their own unique technique which was created for foreigners of all ages studying Russian.
  • Being focused on everyday topics your training process makes your skills and knowledge useful in real life.

Your language school can be perfect and your teacher can be a real professional, but you also should use other opportunities for practicing a foreign language, especially Russian. Visit speaking clubs, read books in original, talk to native speakers, your practice can be even more important than your knowledge of the theory. You shouldn’t just learn the language – you have to feel it.

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