The World’s Most Visited Countries

This infographic by Travel SOS summarizes the most visited countries in the world, as of Autumn 2022:

* France: visited 90 million times.
* Spain: visited 83.7 million times.
* USA: visited 83.7 million times.
* China: visited 65.7 million times.
* Italy: visited 64.5 million times.
* Turkey: visited 51.2 million times.
* Mexico: visited 45.0 million times.
* Thailand: visited 39.8 million times.
* Germany: visited 39.6 million times.
* UK: visited 39.4 million times.

The World's Most Visited Countries

Now that you know the most visited countries in the world, how will you choose your next vacation destination? Consider what type of holiday you’d like and what activities you’d like to enjoy before you decide.

There is so much to think about and plan for when you go on holiday! When will you be going? How will you get there? What is your plan for getting to and from the airport?

In addition to the cost of the holiday and how much spending money you will need (some countries are more expensive than others), you should also think about the amount of time you will need to travel. Especially if you are travelling with young passengers, disabled passengers, or passengers who suffer from travel sickness or anxiety.

All of these things need to be considered in advance if you want to get the most out of your holiday. Planning ahead will not only help to make your holiday more enjoyable – it can also save you money!

Maria Kennedy

Content crafter at Infographic List. Maria Kennedy is a content creator by day and a yogi by night. When she is not working on her blogs, you can find her playing with her three boys or travelling in their van. Don't miss out on her travel and food blog >>> Travel for Food Hub.

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