Introduction to CSB XPL-FT UPS Batteries

This infographic is an overview of the CSB UPS (uninterruptible power supply) XLP-FT battery series, a high performance sealed lead acid, front terminal style battery line using breakthrough innovations in SLA battery tech. CSB’s XLP-FT UPS battery series is a world-class sealed lead acid battery line specifically designed for telecommunications applications.

CSB spearheaded the introduction of these batteries that are designed to step in as reliable power sources for long-duration backup power needs. CSB purpose built these XPL-FT batteries to feature a 30% increase in power density due to a smaller grid mesh and a patented hybrid insulation design. They also incorporate a new integrated design for enhanced conductivity and useThe batteries also utilizes high-purity carbon, which directly contributes to the prolonged life-span of the battery. This inclusion sets a new standard in the sealed lead acid battery market, redefining efficiency and durability. CSB’s automated cast-on-strap assembly process guarantees high-quality joints, and their in-case formation manufacturing process is eco-friendly!

Introduction to CSB XPL-FT UPS Batteries

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