Holiday Marketing Campaign

Mention the word ‘holiday,’ and there’s a streak of delight on every countenance; mention ‘holiday season’ and the delight quadruples!

No, you’re not a kid who’s often bullied at school, nor you’re the office personnel who spends most of their time yawning at work. You are a marketer, and you are equally ecstatic. Why?

Because the holiday season is the harbinger of whopping sales. Thanksgiving Day, then Black Friday, and then Cyber Monday, each day promises to bring the world in a fervent shopping mode. Therefore, you can now plan your Holiday Marketing Campaign with zeal, flap your creative wings far and wide, and come up with an offer they can’t refuse.

If you go by numbers, the holiday season of 2018 saw the total retail spending of $998.32 billion, with 27.2 % of online sales through direct site traffic. The estimates for the year 2019 are even far-reaching.

After thoroughly analyzing the trends of the past and the present, and by estimating the scope of the future holiday marketing trajectory, we have created a list of marketing mantras conducive to the success of your campaign this year. Go thorough across each trend and hurry up; time is running out quick!

An Infographic by Blue Mail Media.

Maria Kennedy

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