Breaking down the vaping epidemic

Teen smoking has been on the decline for decades across the United States. Unfortunately, over the last half-decade vaping has exploded onto the scene and has been growing among highschools by as much as 38 per cent annually. JUUL appealed to many young new smokers using fruity flavors and influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram.

As vaping has grown black market products have worked their way into the supply chains, leading some vapers to have serious lung diseases as a consequence. Over 2,000 people have become ill due to vaping with over three dozen people dying. Some of the vaping related lung injuries appear to be related to vitamin E acetate in some black market THC vaping products. This infographic covers the vaping crisis and what people are doing to try to mitigate its risks and solve the problem.

An Infographic by

Maria Kennedy

Content crafter at Infographic List. Maria Kennedy is a content creator by day and a yogi by night. When she is not working on her blogs, you can find her playing with her three boys or travelling in their van. Don't miss out on her travel and food blog >>> Travel for Food Hub.

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