6 Ways to Build a World Class Sales Development (SDR) Team #Infographic #SDR

Contacting and qualifying leads to arrange a demo or meeting is vital to most organizations. These Sales Development Reps are the lifeblood of a company ensuring a constant stream of new and qualified leads for you and your sales team to sell to.

An SDR’s core activities usually involve cold outreach to potential prospects. Either by phone or email. Or taking leads from your inbound channel.

They then must qualify the lead and try and set an appointment or introductory meeting with the next level of sales, usually an account executive (AE).

But the question every company starts with is how many calls or emails should an SDR be working through, what type of conversion should you expect and how should an SDR be compensated.

The Bridge Groups surveyed over 350 leading companies to answer these questions and other key issues like hiring and onboarding.

An infographic by OnePageCRM.

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