5 Things You Should Know Before You Hire A Campervan in Australia

Travelling around Australia in a campervan is, without a doubt, an unforgettable trip that all travel lovers should experience once in their lifetime. A campervan not only gives you complete freedom to visit unique places but also the opportunity to stay overnight in remote locations with the most magical views. And Australia is the ideal country for it! You can now hire a campervan in Australia and visit the Great Barrier Reef, the Blue Mountains, the Pink Lake and many other mind-blowing natural sights.

We have teamed up with specialist travel comparison site Compare and Choose to give some useful insights around campervan hire. Check out these 5 things you should know before you hire a campervan in Australia:

1. Best places to hire a campervan in Australia

The best place to hire a campervan in Australia is near one of the big airports. It is cheaper than at the actual airport and in the cities because they don’t have to pay high office rents and they offer competitive prices due to the high competition in the sector. For that reason, the best places to rent a campervan are near Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns airports.

2. How to get a good deal

You should do your research before you start your campervan trip to Australia. The more you know about campervans and about camping in the Lucky Country, the better questions you will ask to get a good deal. A few useful tips are to book your campervan well in advance, rent it for a long period and choose an old but well-kept model.

3. Campervan equipment

Before you choose a campervan to travel around Australia, you need to make sure it has the right equipment. Think about the needs you will have. For instance, it is very different what you will need in a summer campervan trip than if you are travelling during the winter. And if you are travelling with kids is not the same as travelling with friends. Remember that campervans don’t have a toilet nor a shower. And make sure the campervan you hire comes with bedding accessories and kitchen essentials.

4. Campervan insurance

You need to make sure your rental vehicle is insured. To do so, you can do it yourself or get the insurance with the campervan hiring company. The first option will take longer, but it will generally be more economical.

5. Camping law in Australia

Although free stays are really handy when travelling on a budget, you should keep in mind that in most Australian states, there are rules governing where you can park your campervan overnight. Rather than having a federal law, camping permits are regulated by each town or city. So if you don’t want the cops to tap on your window while you are asleep, you will need to make sure you are aware of the local camping regulations.

Hopefully, these five tips will come in handy when you are planning your campervan trip to Australia. Have an amazing time!

Maria Kennedy

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