4 Tips for more sustainable exhibitions

Exhibitions displays use a number of materials for Pop Up Exhibition Stands, Roller Banners and other printed displays. Most frequently you’ll find it’s a printed stop light media, which is laminated for the glossy finish. The materials in question, cannot be recycled but can be reused for different events.

Over the years, going green and being more sustainable has been documented and we’re more educated than ever. As humans, we make choices which can affect the planet – but as a business is it possible to do more?

Luckily, the event industry is constantly evolving, and new options are available to make the green choice. From Xanita board and cardboard, to accessories on the stand, the materials can be recyclable, reusable and are incredibly innovative.

Research how eco-friendly components can work for your business and the benefits to be gained. The smallest of changes can have an incredible effect, so if we work together, we can make a difference together.

Check out the tips in this infographic to achieve more sustainable exhibitions by Go Displays.

Maria Kennedy

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