10 year anniversary of Crypto Gambling

There is some good news for the players of the gambling industry. It’s been 10 years since its first launch and it’s clear by now that bitcoin has the strongest position in the field than ever. The facts say the same, as in 2021 BTC reaches its highest price at around $40500.

Not a long time ago, some banks used to find their customers when a casino transaction was noticed, as it prevented financial institutes from observing people’s monetary activities. Thankfully, all of this is coming to an end, which again, underlines the strength of the crypto in the gambling industry. New partnerships along with fast and transparent transactions, ensured that the advantages of integrating BTC on casino games far outweigh the disadvantages.

The infographic, which can be found at Bitcoin Casinos Reviews, perfectly illustrates everything that crypto gambling has been through.

The most recent big event was when one of the biggest gambling companies, IGT filed a patent for integrating blockchain technology on its slot machines. What this means is that gamblers can transfer BTC from their online wallets to their account.

An Infographic by Bitcoin Casinos Reviews.

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