10 Unlikely Events That Actually Happened #infographic #unlikely #stories

Be amazed by 10 incredible stories of unlikely coincidences and chance.

Find out what happened when a young girl called Laura Buxton released a balloon at her grandparents’ Golden Wedding anniversary, be wowed by the man who survived seven lightning strikes and be jealous of the man who won the lottery twice in four months – with the same numbers.

Discover the story of the only woman in history to have been hit by a meteorite and the man who lived through two atomic bombs. All of the stories, facts and figures have been verified across multiple sources and have been illustrated to help bring the tall tales to life.

The improbable is never impossible. Even the most unlikely events are inevitable when given enough chances to occur. Plus, share your own incredible stories of fate and fortune to have them illustrated online in the same way.

An Infographic by Onlinebingo.co.uk.

Maria Kennedy

Content crafter at Infographic List. Maria Kennedy is a content creator by day and a yogi by night. When she is not working on her blogs, you can find her playing with her three boys or travelling in their van. Don't miss out on her travel and food blog >>> Travel for Food Hub.

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