10 Crucial Educational Trends for 2019

Now, when we are already well into the 21st century, one might expect that the latest changes in education would be all about technology and more gadgets in the class. That’s how it has been for the last few decades. However, the educational trends for 2019 are instead surprisingly diverse. The overall direction, in a nutshell, is outsourcing boring tasks to robots to free more room for creativity and other things inherently human.

We code and make AI crunch numbers for us while we come up with new hypotheses to verify, play, empathized, and paint pictures. Students are no longer encouraged to think like machines – coldly and directly. Instead, machines are made to understand the learner’s needs.

The day is not far when you will be able not merely to ask Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, or Bixby to find the relevant books for your college paper on the web. You will be interviewed by your digital assistant, expressing your points of view freely and fluently as in a friendly discussion, and then simply say: “Write my paper for me”, and it will summarize your ideas and arguments in a succinct and structured essay. That’s the kind future that sure looks bright to me.

Below you will find 10 of the most important features of education in 2019.

An Infographic by PaperHelp.

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