Swine Flu: Are you at Risk? #infographic #flu #health


April 2009 marks the time when Swine Flu first entered the US territory. The flu managed to stick its roots deep and never went away. Most of us know what swine flu is all about; an infection caused an influenza virus. But not everyone is cognizant of how easily they could fall a victim, or even prevent it in the first place. The infographic has it all. With our daily lives running at high speed, digging out time to read up on these grave illnesses may not always be our priority. Which is why we’re here. The new infographic has everything you need to know about the Swine flu. Equipped with pro-active and re-active strategies summarized in a fun comprehensive way, UrgentWay helps you educate yourself and others around you. Because that’s what it all comes down to at the end. Helping others.”

An Infographic by urgentway.com.

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