Latest Trends in Mobile Messaging and Archiving in Workplace


In heavily regulated industries such as financial services and the government sector, it is a paramount compliance requirement to capture mobile SMS, record voice calls, and all other types of mobile communications. Such level of standard is strictly mandated through several sets of laws and regulations, primarily since mobile messaging has now replaced traditional forms of communication in the modern workplace.

With the prevalence of smartphones in the corporate setting, the rampant use of mobile texting, voice calling, and instant messaging among employees soon followed. Today, more and more organizations across the industry spectrum have embraced the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend to empower their employees with mobility they need to fulfill their roles.

With BYOD and mobile messaging, companies can achieve better collaboration between employees, more efficient internal communication, and ultimately, higher operational efficiency and improved workforce morale.

However, just as fast mobile technology advances these days, the regulations surrounding their usage in the business setting have evolved as well. In the U.S. financial sector, for instance, the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examination (OCIE) has recently released a risk alert encouraging financial advisers to review their risks, practices, policies, and procedures regarding electronic messaging. The risk alert also advised companies to improve their compliance programs that would help them comply with applicable regulatory requirements.

The same level of attention to compliant mobile messaging can also be seen in the government sector. In 2015, the Washington Supreme Court affirmed the decision of lower courts that “text messages sent and received by a public employee in the employee’s official capacity are public records of the employer, even if the employee uses a private cell phone.”

To meet the electronic messages archiving requirements, it is essential for organizations to be updated with how the modern workforce use mobile messaging, determine how their compliance efforts are adapting with the changing mobile behavior of employees, and implement an enterprise-grade mobile archiving solution that can capture and record mobile
messages of their employees in real-time.

To help you navigate the latest trends in mobile messaging and archiving in the workplace, take a look at this detailed infographic by TeleMessage.

An infographic by TeleMessage.

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