How To Hunt Whitetail Deer During The Rut


Do you want to learn how to hunt whitetail deer during the rut? One of the best times to hunt deer is during therut as there is so much activity from the deer that you quietly sneak up on them and get good shots. There are different phases ofthe rut and knowing how deer behave during these phases will help you implement the right hunting strategies to successfullyhunt them.

The mating season is what is referred to as the rut. During the mating season, bucks are in search of does that are in estrus.Bucks compete for the few does that are available for mating and this takes up all the time and energy of the bucks. Moreover, this competition of the does cause the bucks to be less careful and presents the opportunity for you to take down some bucks.

There are primarily three phases of the rut called the pre-rut, the peak rut, and the post-rut. The three phases don’t last very long and there will be a significant increase in buck activity during the rut.

During the pre-rut, deer are preoccupied with eating to put on weight before winter for the rut when they will be very active. The does also want to put on more weight in anticipation of pregnancy. When hunting deer during the pre-rut, set up between bedding areas and food sources.

The second phase is the peak rut. During this phase, bucks are very active in establishing dominance over territories. There are many fights with other bucks for territorial rights. It is during this period that bucks are less careful as they are searching for does to mate.During the peak rut, locate the does and you will find the bucks.

The post-rut is when the rut begins to wind down. During this period, bucks and does, go back to feeding once again. The bucks usually lose a lot of weight during the rut and they try to replenish it. look for food sources and set up close by to target the bucks.

Hunting the rut is a very good way of hunting bucks. By learning the behaviors of deer during all three phases of the rut, you can easily hunt the rut and take home the trophy you also wanted. In this infographic by The Hunting Terrain,, we give you the information you need to understand the behaviors and habits of deer during the rut and how to target them.

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