How to create awesome OKR sets


Creating optimal OKRs seems very simple at first glance. But how do you create really good, optimal and outstanding OKRs? OKRs that motivate teams, employees and managers?
What is the best point to start when creating them? With the Objective or with the Key Results? Or better with tasks? For most, it’s easiest to start with tasks. When it comes to the Key Results, it gets more difficult – because these should not be tasks. With the infographic, we show our best practice from years of experience. With the described approaches you can easily create optimal OKR sets. We show 3 general approaches that you can mix and match at any time: A start with the Objective, B with the key results and C with the tasks.
Do you know OKR? OKR is the acronym for Objectives and Key Results. OKR is the strategy implementation and goal management method from Silicon Valley that has made Google, LinkedIn and others so successful.

Check out this infographic by OKR Experten.

An Infographic by OKR Experten .
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