Gallbladder Cancer and Asbestos Exposure #infographic


Upon hearing the word “asbestos”, the majority of people will most likely think of mesothelioma and lung disease. While the association is correct, very few are aware that exposure to this carcinogenic mineral can actually result in plenty of other debilitating health problems, such as gallbladder cancer.

Having a relatively low incidence among the U.S. population, the disease occurs in roughly 11,700 Americans every year. Nonetheless, gallbladder cancer is often fatal, with only 7% of patients achieving a 5-years survival following diagnosis.

Those who held down a job involving asbestos before the 1980s, when employees were rarely provided with adequate equipment to minimize exposure, are considerably prone to developing it. A noteworthy aspect concerning the diseases which may ensue as a consequence of asbestos exposure refers to latency. It is crucial to know that, if you have a history of asbestos exposure, the risk of experiencing health issues remains throughout your lifetime, as a disease can arise even 40 years later.

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An infographic by Environmental Litigation Group.

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